Randy Stress

I am a lover of truth. Sometimes my truths are too much for some but I stand by them. My passion for storytelling, according to my dad has always been there. I would often get in trouble for daydreaming and writing when I should have been doing something else. 

Later in life I realized I sometimes have trouble expressing myself verbally, but when I put pen to paper I can bring passion, laughter, and unfortunately I have become a master at expressing pain. My life is an open book, ask but be ready for the answer. 

I put a piece of me in all that I write, as well as my photography. I live to find beauty in what others ignore. It is like I live through my photos. To see beyond what is there is how I see people. Outward beauty is not always what catches my eye, the energy of everything around me. The soul of those near me, feed me good or bad.

I live for the darkness because I understand it more. I am fueled by it when I write and hopefully you can feel it as well.

Some of my Stuff

“Through the Pain”

Black Romance / feature proposal

“Poetic Justice meets Love Jones”

Randy finds himself giving great relationship advice to the woman he secretly loves.

“The Devil Made Me Do It”

Horror / thriller / feature proposal

“Candy Man meets US”

Lie on his name and the Devil sends for you and by your own hands you die. 


Everyone can not see in you what you know is there. Not everyone is ready for what they see.

– Randy Stress

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