My Work


Through the Pain

Black Romance / feature proposal

“Poetic Justice meets Love Jones”

Randy a spoken word artist and photographer, is secretly in love with his best friend Shea, a custom car designer in Atlanta. He gives her great relationship advice, he does not want to be the reason it fails. Randy helps Shea with her developing business while working on his career and looking for love.
When Shea’s relationship ends Randy is faced with a reality that he is going to have to tell her how he feels, before she finds out through a project he’s working on. His cousin Jerome is concerned but helpful.

All Rights Reserved © 1941508

The Devil Made Me Do It

Horror / thriller / feature proposal

“Candy Man meets US”

Lie on his name and the Devil sends for you and by your own hands you die.

The evil of mankind has caught up with them in New Orleans. The Devil is tired of mankind lying on his name. Lie on his name and your reflective evil comes for you. An Eye for a Lie his calling card.
A reluctant Detective and Sergeant with some help realize the killer they are looking for is the Devil himself. They find help when introduced to a beautiful Priestess who wants to setup a meeting between the Devil and the as you can imagine terrified Detective.

All Rights Reserved © 1941507 



I stepped into the light

and thought

I saw a path

My eyes deceived me

In the darkness

I see better than most

I need no path

I believe in me

And my direction

My process

The universe is more

Dark then light

-Randy Stress


I am the earth

I am the sun

I am the wind

That moves you

The foundation you stand on

The movement that quakes

The fire to heat

Or burn away troubles

I am a universal gift

-Randy Stress


The path to success

Is a hiking trail

Never smooth

Mostly up hill

With many obstacles

That trip you up

To test your strength

Slow you down

Because your pace needs change

They spin you around

To see if you find your way back

Will you crawl through the mud

Or walk in the rain

To see whats over the hill

Or will your legs give out

from a mid filled with doubt

Thats all there is between failure and succeeding

-Randy Stress